Notes from “Konsoll 2013: Marketing Indie Games on a $0 Budget
“Emmy Jonassen: To become a successful indie game developer, you must first become a successful indie game marketer. Trouble is, for many indies, marketing doesn’t come naturally or fit the indie budget.”


– Keep it short (90 seconds or less) – 3 to 5 seconds to capture attention at the start – Music and SFX very important to video – Show game-play – Add review text etc if possible – End with next steps (where to buy, website etc) Example: Guacamelee release trailer


– High resolution – Excellent composition – Well lit – Engaging scene Example: The Witness by Jonathan Blow


– Press don’t like to write – Your press release will be used, cut and pasted – First paragraph most important – First paragraph must grab attention – First paragraph must contain all important info – “Use quotes” – Company and contact info – Send with screen-shots and trailer video – Use in-text hyper-links Example: Dajabon Games, Boston

LANDING PAGE (The game’s web-page)

– Purpose: convert visitors to customers – Remove all navigation – Grabbing headline (only text that will be read by majority) – Social sharing icons – Strong call to-action button (most important – this is the action you want visitors to do) – Trailer video – Screen shots – Testimonials / reviews – Contact and press kit buttons or links


– Companies with dev blog bring in 55% more traffic on average – Post x1 per week minimum – Use images – Link from home page – RSS feed – Email subscription – Social subscription – Social sharing buttons – Promotion at posts end


Reach out to press
– Research publications you should be on – Research publications you want to be on – Record in a spreadsheet list – Categorize publications into three tiers based on traffic

Find writer’s contact info
– Visit each publication’s site on list – Search the websites for “Editorial Staff” link – Take all information and add to spreadsheet

Get in touch
– Create email template to intro yourself and game – Customize template per site, per game – ANSWER “why would my readers give a shit?”

Thank you notes! Very important

Keep in touch
– Maintain relationships with media – Social media – Comment on their articles


Make your game easy to discover
– Set up social media channels and post daily (Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, Google+) – Become active in forums, blogs, and other relevant sites – Participate in game jams and other events – Get involved with the local development community – Start a crowdfunder

Covert visitors into fans with content
– Give tips – Game and company updates – Data and other insights, experiences (share research) – Opinion pieces – Interesting articles – Random or funny post (personality)

Nurture your relationship with fans
– Respond to comments and questions in a timely and personalized way – Initiate and engage in discussion – Thank fans privately and publicly – Ask for and incorporate fan input – Respond to criticism in a thankful and professional way


“How early is too early?” – Put together a road map.

“Old screen shots?” – Keep in touch with press.

Smaller publicity is valuable. Networking.

Treat bad press like a troll
– Respond directly, privately initially – Request more feed back to understand what they didn’t like – Respect them

Thank you Emmy Jonassen!
Awesome presentation and valuable tips and info.
We will put it to good use.